There have been counted ten shack fires daily during the last five years in South Africa. Once a fire arises it takes less than two minutes until a whole shack burns down and with it all of the owner´s personal belongings, documents. Since shack fires go along with the loss of life, families get destroyed. One of the biggest dangers of shack fires is the fact that they spread rapidly. Due to this the neighbours are also in danger as soon as fire arises. Our main interest is not just to help the victims after shack fires, rather we want to prevent the occurrences of the shack fires. Since fires are often caused due to a lack of thought or carelessness such as a burning candle falling down or cooking too close to a curtain we want to teach adults as well as children safety tips that must be kept in mind to prevent shack fires and what to do when a fire arises. With an awareness campaign event and information by distributing flyers we want to get more attention and make people aware of the do’s and the don’ts in the event of a fire tragedy.

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