There is, besides daily aid and assistance, also a need for financial support. Any possible gifts and donations provided by volunteers and their network of people are extremely appreciated. Instead of collecting goods and materials for donation, it is recommended to purchase and donate these on location.

  • Learning materials and school stationary for the children
  • Sporting equipment and materials for the children
  • Toys, puzzles and educational games for the children
  • Food parcels for families and children in need
  • Clothing for families and children in need
  • School uniforms for the children


If you are interested in sponsoring an Izizwe Projects event, or collaborating on a project, please contact us. We organize holiday programmes during each school holiday, and hope to add soccer tournaments and more performances around the township, so your help is needed.

Financial contribution

If you are interested in making a financial contribution, you can email us at for further information or donate directly in our bank account. We will make sure we will update you on how your donation is spent and can send you pictures as well!

Bank information:

Name: Izizwe Volunteer Projects
Bank: FNB Bank
Account: 62469816618
SA Clearing: 261050(00)
Address: 3 Chalmers road, Humewood, 6001, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Reference: Donation