As a non-profit organization, we unfortunately can not pay for your stay and we have to charge a fee to volunteer with us. These fees include;

Project donation: These costs includes staff salaries (most of which were unemployed people from the township) who coordinate daily activities, payment of school kids sponsored by the project, monthly donations of groceries for creches, costs for the holiday programs, stationary supplies, school uniforms, etc.

Accommodation costs: These costs include the long-term rental of the volunteer house, the cleaning services, internet, electricity and water bills, necessary renewal of furniture,  and maintenance of the house.

Food and transport costs: These costs include your daily meals, grocery shopping, petrol, and maintenance of our vehicle.

Admin/Marketing: These costs include administration and  staff salaries, advertisements, internet usage, accountancy, and other costs associated with helping to promote Izizwe Projects.

For current rates please contact us on