Having dedicated volunteers is what enables Izizwe Projects to have an impact in Walmer Township. Volunteers will discuss with the volunteer coordinator about what projects may best suit them. Furthermore, our volunteers are encouraged to take initiatives within their own projects. Please look under “Projects” tab for a view of all the different volunteer projects available.


A normal day for a volunteer at a school in Walmer township

7:30 am
Wakes up
8:30 am
Leaves the house
8:50 amStart up at the container (office) at our location in Walmer Township
9:00 amGoes to the several projects we run in the township
12:00 pmLunch break
12:30 pmGoes to the several projects we run in the township
15:30 pmGoes home
16:00 - 18:00 pmChills, relaxes, goes to the beach etc.
18:00 pmDinner with the other volunteers (at the house, or in a restaurant)
18:30 pmChills, plays games, go out etc…


While volunteers will be immersed in their projects during the week, we do assist volunteers with their weekend plans.


Examples of weekend outings:

Addo Elephant Park

Sand Boarding

Horseback Riding

Seaview Lion Park

Learn how to surf

Ride a bike

SANCCOB Penguin Rescue Station

go to the beach, etc.


Jeffrey’s bay